Learning from the failures of the bests to secure your companies’ future

15 Giugno 22

Many main sector newspapers reported the voluntary recall campaign set up by Hyundai for the Kona
Electric model. According to the official source at the office of the South Korean Minister of Transport,
25,564 electric crossover will be called back for verification.

Hyundai explains this choice as “a proactive response to a possible defective production of high
voltage batteries, used in vehicles, which may have contributed to the fires reported in the field”.

The Korean car market, together with his batteries supplier LG Chem, decided to act proactively.
Certainly both companies will come out strengthened by this operation… after all, we are talking about
Hyundai and LG, two industrial colossuses.

But what if it was your company?
What would be the situation if one of your final customers asks you to take part in a million dollars
recall campaign?

Do you think your reputation would be strengthened?

That is why it is essential to count on safe solutions that guarantee 100% reliability. Following this
philosophy within Tumedei we have set a dedicated metal insert adhesive line that improves
bonding performance and finished product safety.

This new line allows us to:
-guarantee 100% adhesive quantity, to avoid not only unnecessary waste and deposits for excess
adhesive but even more important small amount of adhesive and detachment problems.
-control storage times, to prevent the adhesive from being under or over-exposed
-provide safe adhesion, to verify the correct deposition on the entire affected area

Our new adhesive process can help you solve the gluing problems you are experiencing with your